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Paper and Graphics

It is extremely important to buy recycled paper with high levels of post-consumer waste. Using recycled paper reduces the amount of trees cut down for fiber use, and reduces the impact on landfills. It is also important to consider the inks used in printing processes. Petroleum based inks are common, and they leak toxic VOC's into the earth when printed paper is put into landfills. Soy ink is a sustainable alternative. It is made from natural soy oils, and has much less impact on the environment. It is easier to separate from the fibers during the de-inking process of paper recycling, and the waste produced is not considered hazardous

Paper Products

  • This company offers a variety of paper products, including a line called Evolution that is made from 100% post consumer waste.

    Kingsey Falls , Quebec Canada J0A 1B0
    (819) 363-5100

Printing Inks

  • This company offers variety of printing inks, and the company holds environmental standards as part of their mission. The soy ink line is called SoyBrite.

    Kohl & Madden
    Carlstadt , NJ 07072
  • This website has information on soy inks, and also has a list of manufacturers.

    National Soy Ink Information Center