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Window Treatments, Vitrines

 Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a good alternative to using plexiglass. It can be used in situations where safety is a key issue, and if broken, will crack into hundreds of pieces preventing large dangerous shards of glass. This is often a good substitute for plexiglass. Tempered glass can be found from local glass dealers.


The type of window treatment used can significantly affect the amount of heat lost or gained through windows. Some of these options can be extremely helpful for energy conservation, especially in old drafty windows.

  • Non-toxic window shades made of renewable materials: reeds, grasses, and bamboos. Woven with cotton-based threads. Fare trade materials for Central and South America .

  • EcoVeil solar shadecloths. PVC-fee. Designed to be part of a cradle-to-cradle (closed loop) manufacturing process. Manufacturer will reclaim and recycle product. Lifetime warranty.

    Long Island City , NY
  • Duette Honeycomb shades from Hunter Douglas have a unique accordian design. It traps air and includes a reflective layer to increase energy performance.

    Hunter Douglas Window Covering
    Broomfield , CO
  • Window Quilt serves as an insulator and a blind for windows. The edges of the blinds fit into a track, making the blind more airtight than traditional blinds.

    Northern Cross Industries
    Brattleboro , VT