Things to Use



Furniture and Objects

 Certified wood furniture:

Vermont Forest Furniture is a line of FSC certified furniture using “character wood”. The furniture incorporates the textures colors, grains, and knots in the wood to tell the story of the forest.

Beeken Parsons
Shelburne Farms
Shelburne, VT

Fell Design produces both catalog and custom pieces for residences, corporate interiors, hospitals and museums.

Fell Design
Philadelphia, PA

Green fabrication

Redbox Workshop
Chicago, IL

Green Play
Chicago, IL

Internet shopping sites: Below is a list of a few Internet shopping sources for natural and environmentally safe products, including furniture and objects.

Natural Home Products
Sebastopol, CA

Resale Stores

Habitat for Humanity has a number of resale stores, and their website has a list of stores in each state.