When You Have to Compromise

As hard as you may try, you will be forced to compromise on some aspects of your project. No matter where you live, it will be nearly impossible to find everything you  need for your project within your own community. Don’t despair! Sustainability and going local are about intention, and about taking greater steps toward sustainabiility, not about getting it all right the first time.

At MCM, we made several decisions that were not in line with staying local, but which fit other more important criteria for our project. One of these areas was paint.  We felt strongly that we wanted to use the highest-quality paint with the very best safety record for children’s health on the market, period.  Indoor air quality was the reason we started down a green path to begin with, and we did not want to give this up simply because our much-preferred paint company was in California.  Instead, we chose to continue using Safecoat paint for all of our interior finishes but went with a Madison-based paint manufacturer for all of our exterior paint finishes.

Hardware is another area where we found it difficult to buy directly from a local manufacturer, simply because there are very few available. Whenever possible, we purchased from a local vendor.  For specialty or bulk purchases, however, we found it difficult to use local suppliers and keep our costs in check.

Willow chair