MCM Stories

At MCM, we used each and every one of these techniques for finding materials and resources. From small vintage cars to Lake Michigan buoys to reclaimed slide parts, we went directly to the sources to aquire these items. We searched Craigslist for small vintage cars and talked to local car collectors and vintage car repair experts, and we scoured local scrap yards. In our serarch for a large buoy that would eventually become a part of our climbing structure, we began our research by talking to those in the boating industry at ports north of Milwaukee, and from there found a source for a used buoy.

 In attempting to locate a slide, we contacted slide manufacturers around the country to ask if anyone had miscellaneous, mismatched parts that were salvage or no longer sellable, and we were able to find exactly what we needed. Our Water Dome was inspired by the old revolving door that stood in a former entrance of our building.  When it came time to deconstruct, we salvaged all of the tempered curved glass and remade it into a beautiful new play area for children under 5. It stands in nearly the same place as the original revolving door!

Water Dome - photograph by Zane Williams, copyright 2010

Photograph by Zane Williams © 2010