Local Talent: Creating a Local Network

Finding Local Talent, Partners & Collaborators

Perhaps the most important aspect to ensure the success of your local project is finding the right local people. This starts internally with staff, board and volunteers, and extends to your partners. With the right people, you’ll be able to create energy; find the right materials, collaborators and supporters; and creatively pull the pieces together to make your project—whatever size, shape or theme—sing to your community.

As with any community building or fundraising project, building on the relationships you have established over the years as a museum employee and community member is equally critical to your project’s outcome. At the same time, you’ll need to open up new avenues and opportunities to find what you need. With a local project, you are looking for people to leverage their relationships and connections to get you the local expertise, materials, objects and, most importantly, community buy-in.

Artist Katherine Goray