Social Media & Marketing Your Local Story

An online presence through the implementation of a website and social media savvy also works wonders these days; don’t underestimate the power of simply putting your name out there for potential patrons and benefactors, because local companies will take notice.
The utility of social networking online cannot be overstated. If you prefer Facebook, you can often find a variety of local arts and business networks using the search bar at the top of the page. Try typing in your state or region and the type of association you’re looking for (e.g., arts, sciences, communications, local businesses).
We used our Facebook page to post photos and videos documenting the progress during the construction and exhibits fabrication phase, and it’s used now to share occasional examples of community collaboration, our commitment to working locally, and to highlight other businesses and organizations equally committed to the same values. You can also work out cross-promotions on social media by working with organizations to share each other’s content, exposing your museum to a new group of social media customers who might not be familiar with your brand.

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